C++, Python Server Software Engineer - video games - android, pc, xbox, iOS

Company Name:
The Bivium Group
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We're looking to make at least two engineering hires - one should be a server engineer and the other closer to a devops engineer. Experience in the games industry is not required...and actually not desirable in this case!
The 2-second overview: Our primary game at the moment is a free-to-play title for mobile & PC. (This company has a 15 year track record of a "whose who of gaming releases".
It's got a large server side aspect with live
and millions of players and thousands of requests per second. The project is expanding a bit as our player base grows and we're also looking to spin up another title.
Our client has about 25 developers (engineers, artists & designers). We've been around for over a decade now and definitely have a strong commitment to lifestyle, sane dev practices, as well as lots of video games. :)
Client side is C++ and Flash. The server position is closer to web development - mostly python. I'd love it if someone was able to be a "full stack" developer in our environment, but I'm not expecting it.
Interview process - there is an interview test/whiteboard exercise piece to their process - focus on thought process-problem-solving skills
o 3+ years of experience in web development
o Exceptional programming ability with Python, Django, and/or Javascript
o Database development experience with SQL
o Previous experience architecting APIs with JSON
o Outstanding written and oral communication skills
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