Vice President, Marketing for Cool Start-up

Company Name:
I'm on the hunt for a Vice President of Marketing. Our Boston client is a startup that fosters connections between individuals and/or groups who have similar interests and brings them together in fun and novel settings.

Here's more:
The company: rapidly growing, in 50+ countries, and developing new products to engage new user groups. Bootstrapped but likely will seek VC money as they expand.
The role: Lead marketing. Leaving no clich out - take an internet company to the next level, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty AND be strategic, work hard/play hard ... (I'm sure there are more!). You'll have one direct report to start. You'll likely have a dozen by year end.
The profile: Someone who made their mark at an internet company. A master of strategy, market research, analytics and cross-channel integrated marketing campaigns. You make things happen with the resources you have, not coming up with excuses and lamenting over the resources you lack. And when you are not mastering all that awesome marketing stuff, you should be busy being creative and passionate about whatever it is that gets your heart pumping or your mind moving.

Do you fit the bill? If so, let's talk. I can paint a full picture of the company, role and opportunity for you.

Don't Be Fooled

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